Tescia is a new software environment in which tests, in accordance with standards, have to be repeated many times. This could include a test stand of, for example, rotating machines (yet Engine), but also, for example, a floor measurement that must meet pass/fail criteria. All this is possible within the software environment of Tescia. Tescia software can be used for just a few, as well as up to hundreds of channels, when the same test or test sequence has to be recorded and analysed repeatedly.

Validate your design processes, manage your data, share insights and protect valuable test specimens and assets – all in one tool for repeated testing and benchmarking.

The different GUI in the Tescia environment helps you set up the hardware, test run and monitor the different analyses, each as part of one channel or selection of channels. In addition, the various “warning and alarm limits” are shown in displays. Metadata and a log are kept to be able to view and report test results.

Within the Tescia environment it is possible to give multiple user accesses in the test run. The users have access to the test run via a desktop in the same network domain or online. Due to the entered alarm and abortion settings on 1 or more channels, different users can assess the test. This makes it very easy to monitor many channels.

For tests where 1 or 2 LAN-XI front-ends are sufficient, the added value of repetitive tests is very large. All possible calculations, such as adding or subtracting channels from a pre-set background level, are immediately visible. Easy comparison of data with previous measurements is made possible by the Tescia software.

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