Do you sometimes wonder whether a product causes too much noise? Would you like to determine the sound power of a product in a simple way? Well, the answer to these questions is the Product Noise Partner license for your B&K 2245 sound level meter.

B&K 2245 is a robust class 1 sound level meter developed with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. It has built-in Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi and works with a range of apps made for both iOS and Windows®. The apps are focused on individual tasks, with functions and measurement capabilities tailored to the task.

In addition to the existing licenses (Exhaust, Noise, Work and Enviro), the Product Noise Partner is the 5th license that you can install on the B&K 2245. Thanks to the Product Noise Partner license, it becomes child’s play for you to adjust the noise emission of your products according to specific to measure standards. The app makes it easy to measure according to national and international standards, including ISO 3744, ISO 3746 and EN 71-1, with the results calculated directly in the app. With the Product Noise Partner license you can determine the sound power as well as sound pressure measurements at specific points. The user interface contains a clear set of tasks to help you meet the requirements of the standard. Colour coding gives you a quick overview of the measurement status and a clear warning when information is missing or you are not measuring according to requirements.

The PC software of the Product Noise Partner license makes it possible for 1 person to enter all data and measurement properties of the device (or devices) to be tested in a database so that other operators can repeat and compare these measurements. In addition, the software also guides you step by step during a measurement. Next to that, the Product Noise Partner license provides for the determination, storage and reporting of noise emissions according to the standard in a simple and task-oriented manner. When you have finished measuring, you can present and share the results in a very simple way so that they are ready for further analysis and reporting.

Whether you are an occasional user, an accomplished acoustic consultant or a layman, this license allows you to easily and quickly carry out the measurements correctly according to the guidelines, either manually or remotely controlled via computer or I-phone. You will notice it yourself: the Product Noise Partner license ensures that your job is done!