ENMO Consultancy has an acoustic room

ENMO Consultancy helps you with your challenges in the field of noise and vibration. Using high-quality measuring equipment, in-depth analysis software and the necessary expertise, we can perform measurements and analysis on your specific products.

Whether it is about gaining insight into the acoustic behavior of your product, establishing a complete waveform analysis or mapping acoustic sources in your environment, ENMO Consultancy can help you. Both at your location or in our own lab, where we have a professional acoustic room.

Acoustic Room availability

The acoustic room of ENMO Consultancy can be used for performing your noise measurements, whether or not in combination with vibration measurements. It is possible to rent the acoustic room in combination with your own measuring equipment to perform measurements on your test object. In addition, we offer you the option of renting (calibrated) measuring equipment and associated analysis software through ENMO Consultancy.

We can assist you during the measurements or, if desired, we can carry out the measurements completely for you, report the results afterwards and make the measurement files available to you. Such measurements can vary from measuring sound pressure to Sound Quality or for example sound intensity to determine the sound power of your product. It is also possible to perform a simple vibration measurement to a very complex modal analysis.

Acoustic Room specifications

The acoustic room has a size of 3 by 4 meters and a background level of 17.5dB(A). This background level makes the room excellent for measurements when a low background level is desired or necessary. The acoustic room is placed in a secluded space, making the acoustic measuring room extremely suitable for measuring both very quiet and loud products.


For further information or availability of the acoustic room, please contact Bob Gaasbeek via info@enmo.eu or by telephone on +31 (0) 497 380 739 / +32 (0) 14 600 900. You can of course also leave your contact details via our contact button and we will contact you accordingly.