Noise reduction is a desire or requirement for some products in an environment. ENMO Consultancy can carry out measurements for noise reduction measures in its own acoustic chamber or on site.

Measuring systems for insight into the noise source

With our comprehensive measurement system whether this is a sound meter or a full data acquisition system, with both measurement systems we can provide insight into where the source of the noise is and what measures are needed.

With the extended data acquisition system, we can measure more channels so we can measure vibrations simultaneously, for instance, but also a speed. These 3 measurement channels combined give extensive information on what the cause is. An example in this is tonality which source vibration is not always the audible « irritating » source of a product.

Noise reduction measures

With noise reduction measures, source isolation can be applied as well as encapsulation of a source. Both require a different approach and often quite a re-design of the product and are not always easy to realize. Depending on the audible frequency, environment and environmental noise where the product is located, noise reduction measures can be taken.

Noise reduction with ENMO Consultancy

In order to take noise-reduction measures, a clear requirement must first be established to be able to determine which materials are effective in reducing noise.

ENMO Consultancy can measure sound reduction materials in a Kundt tube (B&K Type 4206). With this data, it can be indicated in which frequency range what noise reduction can be achieved.