ENMO Consultancy can provide measurements to determine the acoustic behaviour of your product or environment in which the product is installed. But what is acoustic behaviour and what needs to be taken into account?

Approach to acoustic research

To determine acoustic behaviour, we use high-quality microphones that can measure any change in air pressure from low-frequency to the non-audible range. When determining acoustic behaviour, we look at how sound radiates from the product, but also at sound paths. For example, how does a motor excite on a water pump casing, causing the casing to make noise? By understanding the acoustic behaviour, we can say more about a source but also what side-effects this source has on other components.

Acoustic appreciation with sones of loudness

Another approach in which ENMO Consultancy can help you determine acoustic behaviour is not to look at the sound pressure but rather how the sound sounds. Are there tonalities, is it an irritating sound or just pleasant to hear. The acoustic behaviour then becomes a rating in, for example, Sones or Loudness. The acoustic behaviour then has a completely different slant, but it does give the customer insight into the behaviour of sound.

Contact our acoustic consultans

To assess what you are looking for, we are happy to look at it with you and advise you on how ENMO can measure it and possibly advise you on how to solve it. Not every acoustic behaviour of a product is easy to trace. We can, for example, use an acoustic camera for source location, but also a tube to determine the acoustic behaviour of damping materials: does it absorb, reflect or let sound through and to what extent.