Due to the guidelines regarding COVID-19, this training will be rescheduled to 2021. Please keep an eye on this page in order to be informed about the new date.


Have you ever wondered how can it come that some underwater sounds can propagate thousands of kilometres and sometimes only a few hundred meters or less? Did you ever wonder how submarines maintains their acoustical stealth and why actually it I so important? Do you want to know how to easily distinguish between the sound of a large vessel and that of an underwater mammal? Would you like to listen to different underwater sounds and learn how to make a qualified guess of the nature of the origin of the sound (“classify” the sounds). This and a lot more you will get a chance to learn as part of our one – day training course called Underwater Acoustics which will cover selected topics.

The ENMO Academy organizes this training course on XX-XX-XXXX 9.00hrs – 16.00hrs (registration from 8.30hrs) at the ENMO headquarters (Antwerpsesteenweg 49, Vosselaar, nearby Turnhout), Belgium.

Further information

This Englisch training course consists of a number of topics (consisting not only of one way talk but also including demonstrations, exercises, listening to sound samples, short video clips and discussions).

Topic I
Basic underwater acoustics. Short recap of the fundamental principles and formulas of underwater acoustics (45 minutes max)

Topic II
For better understanding of many underwater applications it is necessary to be fully aware of the factors which governs sound speed in the water column. In this module you will learn about the SSP (Sound Speed Profile, how to measure it and how to use the information gathered.  Also, we will look at potential consequences if we neglect the sound speed profile and use an oversimplified model.

Topic III
Life in the sea and environmental aspects. How do sea mammals communicate? How can acoustics be used to determine the distance to a far way mammal? Sea mammals and noise pollution. Regulations and international standards for limits on underwater noise

Topic IV
SONAR and its applications. From simple fish-finder to multi-beam and side scanning SONAR

Topic V
Measurement and analysis of ship URN (Underwater Radiated Noise). Which spectral components can we expect in URN and why. See and get a chance to get your hands- on equipment suited for simple ad hoc methods and equipment and software for more advanced applications. Learn about standards and recommended practices (DNV, EU, IEC etc.)

Topic VI
Underwater noise and Submarines. How do submarines maintain their stealth and why is it important?

Topic VII
Preparation and execution of ad hoc noise measurement. Two practical scenarios are described and the results and findings discussed. What should you consider if you face a situation where you are going to measure underwater noise?

The price of this unique training course is € 425,=, which includes the training course folder, certificate, lunch, etc.


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