Resumé calendar image 12 Mars 2024

Modal Analysis or Structural Dynamics is becoming increasingly important for large products but also for small products. What happens dynamically to e.g. a car dashboard when it drives along the road? Is there no unnecessary stress in the display? How does a machine vibrate during start-up or when in operation? Just a few small examples where Structural Dynamics is applied .

This webinar will cover the basic elements of Structural Dynamics. From simple « Hammer Tap » to ODS to Modal Analysis. What is needed and what results can we get from it? What hardware do we need? Can we already say something with FFT when we apply « Hammer Tap » about the dynamic behavior of a product?

Target audience

  • Anyone who wants to get acquainted with Structural Dynamics
  • Anyone who has a dynamic problem within their company and is challenged to solve it

Practical information

Date Monday March 11th, 2024
Time 10.00h
Duration ca. 45 min
Lanuage English
Price free

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