De ISO 3744 stands for sound power or sound energy. ENMO Consultancy can help you determine this for your product. If these are small products, ENMO can measure them in our own acoustic chamber, larger products we have to go out to a large free area to comply with ISO 3744.

What is ISO 3744?

What does ISO 3744 mean and what can we do with these numbers or numerical values. ENMO Consultancy uses high-value microphones. With these microphones we can measure the sound of the product. We do this in sound pressure. By measuring around the product, we have a wealth of information. With all these sound pressures per position and the behaviour of the environment, we can calculate this into sound power figure. Depending on the product, we do this free-standing on a hard surface, standing – hanging on the wall (1 reflective surface) or set up in a corner. The final calculated sound power or sound energy value tells you something about the sound power of your product. This must be stated on a CE certificate, for example, or tells you something about the radiation of sound onto other products.

By understanding the sound power figure in accordance with ISO 3744, you can determine whether a product in the vicinity of other products, for example, gets a noise violation.

Acoustic chamber for measurements

Within our acoustic chamber, we have determined the K2 value in accordance with ISO 3744:2010, which enables you to obtain the correct value of the sound power level when using our chamber.